Hacked By Kuroi'SH

Was Here

Happy in this world ?
What's that world ? A world where Muslims are destroyed ?
What's that world ? A world where the life is the same every days, where the submission is number one
What's that world ? To wake up, to work, to go to bed, every days, until the death...
Without even knowing the submission where we are and you fucking say "I'happy" ?
What's that world ? A world where governements (every ones) want you to belive false things, to believe they are safe, they aren't liars ?
What's that world ? A world where a lot of people like our Palestinians brothers and africans kids can't even touch a computer ? Where the war is king...
So what ? Where is your human progress ?
Every government is run by LIARS and nothing they say should be believed
Our mission is to struggle about all of this
I hope you understand now, try to mind and think, what is your life ? The same everydays
Because of the actual society, not the life you always hoped
So it's time to say no.
This can't continune...
Internet should be a place of freedom, without any spies as said by a friend; you should never be dependent of the service that you use
Israel is a shame, they are rich, see the palestine, are they rich ? Are they free ? They are our brothers and we are their voice, you can do nothing about it
We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect us
Kuroi'SH was here